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Ocean Master History

Center Console Pioneer

Mark Hauptner is the founder of Ocean Master. He is one of the true pioneers of the classic Palm Beach sportfisherman and has designed, built, and raced boats for over 50 years. Among other achievements he holds 14 world records, 6 national championships and has been inducted into the American Powerboat Hall of Champions and Gulf Hall of Fame.


A Boat That Didn’t Exist

In 1974 Mark was busy running his Mercury engine dealership when a longtime customer voiced his frustration at being unable to find a large center console that would meet his expectations. In particular, this customer wanted a large, outboard powered center console that would be capable of making the 2,200 mile roundtrip through the Caribbean island chain. Remember this was 1974. At that time the idea of a 31 foot outboard powered center console fishing boat was considered foolish by the established marine industry.


"Heck, We'll Build It!"

After much thought and discussion, Mark decided the only option was to design and build the boat himself. That first boat, aptly named "The Only One," became the now legendary Ocean Master 31’. The Ocean Master 31' was the first large outboard sportfisherman built to fish well offshore and compete with the best inboard sportfisherman available.


The Large Center Console is Born

The 31’ changed the concept of outboards in the marine industry in terms of power, speed, and fishability. And of course that first boat continues to chase fish on the Palm Beach coast to this very day.


Built the Right Way

There is no corporate pressure to produce cheap, mass market boats. There is only a fanatical obsession with building boats the right way for a limited number of customers. Boats that are designed and built for offshore conditions as they exist in the real world - not magazine articles.


Amazing Owner Loyalty

Ocean Master owners exhibit loyalty that is the envy of the boating industry. Sure it is impressive to note that the average Ocean Master customer has been boating for 25 years and has owned over 6 boats. But what really stands out is that such an incredibly experienced group of owners rates Ocean Master 9+ on a scale of 1 to 10.


Ocean Master continues to expand and improve an already proven product line. But what will never change is the commitment to build the highest quality, toughest sportfishing machines available. At Ocean Master there is only one thing - building boats the right way and without compromise.


“A design so perfect that it has remained in production

for over 30 years and is considered the benchmark by

which all others are judged."

Even US Navy Fishes Ocean Master

Four Ocean Master 31' boats used by the Navy as charter boats, may very well be world record holders. Operating in the treacherous waters of the Indian Ocean, much of the time in 8' to 10' close coupled waves, the Ocean Masters used by the US Navy at Diego Garcia have just surpassed 300,000 miles of use. This means that each boat has traveled the equivalent of 12 times around the world.


Master Chief Petty Officer Brian Limer, a serviceman in the Navy stationed at Diego Garcia, chartered one of the 31's up to three times a week for the year he was based at Diego Garcia. Said Brian "Until just recently, the Navy did not adhere to changing stages in weather. The captains were ordered to run the charters in all weather conditions."


Cormorano Survives the Storm

True story. One of our 31's spent 3 days getting beat up in a nasty storm in Italy - note the waves washing over the seawall. The vessel, named the Cormorano, was literally pushed under water by larger boats nearby that landed on top of it. You can't see the Cormorano in the photo because it was underneath a couple of boats that broke loose. The Cormorano took three days of relentless beating by the storm and other boats being thrown on top of it...repeatedly.


Now we're not gonna tell you it came out of the storm looking pristine. It didn't. But when the owner had it re-floated her goal was just to salvage something from the boat as a keepsake. No one thought there would be anything more than bits and pieces of the boat left - many vessels nearby were complete losses.


But amazingly, when the Cormorano was rescued she was repairable. And above are the pics to prove it. Obviously the Cormorano has a great owner!


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