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116 Miles Offshore in a Tropical Depression With 12-15 foot Seas


Dear Ocean Master-


We were 116 nautical miles offshore, the weather that morning was clear, water was slick calm. You could have ran buoys with a tournament ski boat it was that calm.


About 4 hours after sunrise a few clouds appeared. About an hour later all hell was breaking loose. A tropical depression had formed in the Gulf of Mexico. Seas went to 12 - 15 feet, winds exceeded 80 knots according to the people who were on the rig we pulled in behind. We kept the nose into the seas for 5 to 6 hours, till it was safe to head back into Galveston. The storm had moved a little giving us a beam sea to ride back in. We went straight in at 24 knots.


Other than getting wet from the driving rain there were no other incidents to report. Well I guess I lied, we WERE running low on beer.


I am often asked when am I going to get another boat and I just grin at them and ask WHY?


The saying around the dock is, “I am getting a boat and it rides as good as an Ocean Master.” I just smile and say OK.


The boat is coming up on 20 years age, 10 years of that were very hard fishing years and I can tell you, looking at the boat you would never guess its age. Almost all of our trips were 100 or more nautical miles. We run at night to the fishing grounds and never fear sinking the boat or any other surprises.


Even at age 56 when everyone is getting more "COMFORTABLE" boats the only thing I would trade the 31 for is a 34 Ocean Master, maybe, and I have fished a lot of boats.



Sonny M.


1989 Ocean Master 31 Walkaround with twin 200hp Yamahas, fishing out of Galveston Texas


"Their seaworthiness has made them legendary."

Florida Sportfishing Magazine


"The Original is Often the Best"

Saltwater Sportsman


"In many East Coast fishermen’s eyes, Ocean Masters are the ultimate fishing machines."

Sea Magazine


"Many industry professionals consider them to be among the best-riding fishing boats on the market"

PowerBoat Guide


"Well Known For Their Rugged Performance"



"Ocean Masters are known for their strength and durability."

Motor Boating Magazine


"It is, in a word, overbuilt."

Southern Boating


"After running million-dollar-plus beauties, it’s my 1990 31-foot Ocean Master Walkaround Sportfisherman, that gives me the greatest thrill"

Power & Motoryacht


"Fishermen want a boat that’s built like a battleship and is easy to maintain. Ocean Master got its start in 1974 building that type of boat"



"No-nonsense Design and Legendary Construction"

Saltwater Sportsman


"These boats have a well-known reputation for being seriously overbuilt"

PowerBoat Guide


"Its design was perfect, allowing it to remain in production to this day"

Millionaire Magazine


"Immense Strength and Inherent Seaworthiness"

Big Game Fishing Journal


"A Pioneer of Outboard Fishing Machines"

Soundings Magazine


"A Truly Tough Son-of-the-Sea"

Boating Magazine


"A Boat for the Hardcore Fisherman"

Saltwater Sportsman


"For years, Ocean Master has built tough-as-nails offshore fishing boats."

Sportfishing Magazine


"You’ve probably heard of Ocean Master’s build-it-like-a-tank offshore line of boats"

Boating Magazine

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